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Astoria was created in 1992.  It was formed by me, my name is Brad during many hours while working in Muscatine, Ia even earlier from 1987.  By that time all of the developers had been playing D&D with each other for over 12 years.  It was refined by my brother Keith, a deceased friend Tony Johnson, our friend Lane C. John W., Dave O., Ken L., Brent S., Mark D., Cathy R., Kevin M, Kim J., deceased friend Les Lucas, and many others.  They helped to evolve the idea into a reality that became the world it is today.  Hopefull you can enjoy it as much as we do.  Most of us have all been playing D&D with each other for more then 33 years!

This is the Astoria Source page.  A great deal of information is available about Astoria and its beginings, as well as the NEW! things that may be on its way.

Airymagnus in his Prime
photo taken with a cannon zoom

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2/26/12 -  After our next session, I'll post notes on how the events transpired.
Note the links to Mark's and Keiths world.